"good girl"


I like vintage lingerie, soy chai tea lattes, progressive metal, and making people smile.

fucking party

nsfw nsfw nsfw nsfw


Snapchat conversations are hard because eventually you just run out of selfie poses so you end up taking pictures of the couch or something





So it’s summer time… And I think this is still acceptable And necessary.

who’s got me?!?
Perhaps the water over in Port Orange, FL is tainted causing you to be immensely delusional. Certain anon IP id's match the IP of your host. If you don't recall sending the messages to yourself, please seek medical help immediately. I suspect you fall into a disassociated state thus messaging yourself with encouraging words and the attention that you plainly crave to help cope with your cold, sad, hardcore reality. Numbers don't lie, but little emo girls with daddy problems do. Think about it.

Just because you’re a massive twat with nothing better to do than harass me, doesn’t mean that I send myself anons. Just cut it out. I barely have time to blog anymore let alone go out of my way to send myself a damn anon.